Oriental Hand and Arm Massage



Oriental hand and arm massage.

There are many reasons to choose to opt for an Oriental hand and are massage, better circulation, better range of motion, repetitive strain injury and many more. It is also a good treatment to offer a client if they do not wish to undress for a massage but still wish to have a little bit of time to relax and unwind.

Massage to all areas of the body is  all about increasing the bloods flow. In the case of a hand massage, that can lead to the improvement of specific conditions related to that area of the body. This is also, like a neck or back massage. It can be a perfect introduction for new client into the world of massage therapy.

There is a condition known as Reynaud’s which is caused by the contraction of blood vessels. Having regular treatment of the hands (or feet) by a massage therapist, along with other forms of treatment like medication, can greatly ease the pain and suffering from this ailment.

The same can apply in terms of specific conditions of motion that can be greatly impacted by a hand massage.There is a condition called ‘trigger finger’. It happens more with women than men and is tendon-related. It leads to a finger being locked in the outstretched, pointed position. A hand massage can ease that trigger finger. Clients who sufferer with this condition are usually between the ages of 40 and 60, and often have associated conditions as that of diabetes and/or arthritis.

A person visiting a massage therapist does not need to have a major thumb, finger, or wrist-related medical condition to get the benefits this massage offers. An prime example is someone who works at a computer keyboard all day,  the condition of carpal syndrome or repetitive strain injury, (RSI).

The treatment takes approximately 45 minutes and involves you sitting comfortably. Scented creams or oils are used when the arms and hands are massaged.