Manicure, Pedicure and Gel Nails

Manicure, Pedicure and Gel Nails

Hands, fingers and nails are always taken for granted and not treated to pampering as much as other parts of the body. Just think how much time you spend putting makeup on and face creams. Your hands and feet are the part of you most likely to be treated far worse. We wash up, we dig in the garden,  our hands and nails are often neglected and this results in broken, dirty nails and flaky, dry skin – not a great look! Properly looked after hands and a lovely set of nails can do wonders for your image; it shows you pay attention to yourself. Are hands are usually one of the first things people notice about us.


The main benefits of having a regular Manicure is well-cared for hands, cuticles and nails,  The subtle benefit of having a manicure is that you can have a relaxing little bit of ‘me time’.  Having a manicure doesn’t  take long.  Regular maintenance, having your nails regularly trimmed and inspected for hangnails or fungus, keeps them clean and healthy whilst manicure products hydrate and exfoliate the skin on the hands and surrounding the nails.

Manicure tips:

  • If you have weak nails and always wear nail polish, give your nails a rest and allow them time to breathe for a couple of days without polish. If you leave nail polish on 24/7 they will just stay weak and eventually turn  yellow.
  • Regularly moisturise your hands and cuticles to prevent them become dry and flaky.


A Pedicure promotes foot health in a many ways.

The cutting, clipping and cleaning of nails is very important. It prevents nails from growing inward and thus causing an infection. Secondly, the removing of dead skin cells from the feet prevents the dead cells from accumulating and causing painful bunions or corns, and it also allows new skin cells to emerge and give the feet a smoother and softer feel.  Finally, the foot massage aspect of a pedicure is very important in promoting foot health as it increases circulation to the feet.  This increased circulation improves agility in the feet and reduces the pain that results from being on one’s feet all day.  It also maintains the health and performance of foot muscles.

  • A regular pedicure can support chiropody if you suffer from foot problems. This may prevent you from needing further treatment.
  • Pedicures also help your posture, you will walk more naturally if you have well cared for feet.
  • Pedicures can also soothe and relax you when combined with other treatments.

Gel Nail Polish

Gel Polish is a light-cured formula that can last at up to 14 days.  It is applied in minutes either under a UV lamp or LED light (dependent on System).  It has the ease of polish but the strength of Gel and can be soaked off in about 10 minutes and comes a variety of colours.