Lava Shells

Lava Shell Massage

Lava shell massage involves the  use of the beautiful tiger clam shells that are the natural product of the eponymous clams from the Philippines.  The shells are polished until smooth and then stuck back together before a small hole is drilled in one side so that a sachet that will provide the heat can be inserted.

These sachets contain a mixture of algae and minerals that heat up when they are mixed with salt water, providing heat for around an hour.  This heat warms up your muscles, making them more receptive to massage treatment and thus helps to reach deep muscle tissue whilst placing the body into a state of relaxation as the warmth spreads through the body.

The warmth from the lava shells are gently used to massage over the body allowing the muscles to relax and allowing you to unwind.   The shells are used on pressure points on the body to relieve tension. They are worked across the body,  spreading warmth and relaxation.  The heat penetrates the all of the muscles in the body while you enjoy a deep tissue massage to relax knotted and tense muscles and take away anxiety and stress.  The relaxing aroma used with the lava shells will wrap you in aromatic smells and sensations as the pressure of the lava shell massage improves circulation and energy flow, thus leaving you balanced, content and, most importantly, totally relaxed.

The main benefit of having a Lava shell treatment is that as well as being a beneficial as a traditional massage, it has added heat which helps the massage penetrate into deep muscular tissue and so relieve any pain and tension that may be held there.  The heat itself has the benefit of also relaxing the muscles and so sending a warm glow throughout the body.  This can last for some time after the therapy has been completed.

A treatment can be carried out on just the back, but to gain the full benefit of this amazing therapy, it is advisable to have a full body massage.  This usually takes an hour and 15 minutes.

A back massage lasts 30 minutes.