Deep Tissue Massage Therapy

Deep Tissue Massage Therapy

​There are many reasons a deep tissue massage therapy can help to  heal you not only physically, but emotionally.

The first and obvious benefit is relaxation. In our lives now we are busy and hectic , many people carry stress manily in the shoulder, literally carrying the weight of the world there thus causing tension in not only their shoulders but necks also.​

It has been tested and results show that having a deep tissue massage can help to greatly reduce stress and tension.

The conclusion from testing also indicated that massage therapy was effective and safe way to help a patient control their blood pressure.

Other benefits of relaxation massage include mood changes,lower anxiety, behavioral changes and changes in body muscular pain, fatigue, sleep.​

Headache Relief

Massage therapy has been shown to help with tension headaches and migraines. Getting relief for tension headaches can help decrease their occurrence, reduce chances for recurring migraines as well as disturbed sleep. Taking an aggressive approach to treating headaches with massage causes trigger points and muscle spasms to relax.

Combined with significant lifestyle changes, massage can help improve circulation. There are a few ways that massage stroke can increase blood circulation.

By massaging the legs and other extremities, it helps bring blood that is  running slow in the veins back to the heart. It also releases muscles that are in a state of spasm or tight improving overall systemic circulation.

Massage helps to stimulate the skin, increasing microcirculation. In the case of people who are sedentary or handicapped massage provides a certain level of aerobic benefit.

Many people carry their anxiety and stress in their neck, shoulders and back. Therapists can target those areas, as well as other areas in the body, that have experienced increased tension.

During a massage therapy session you body will release chemicals  that help put you in a state of relaxation.

At the same time, massage also releases a great deal of toxins which also allows further healing by the body.

Deep tissue massage therapy provides a whole body approach to addressing pain issues.