I have been working as a therapist since 2000 since first becoming interested with massage after joining a short taster course with the local education center.

My training commenced with full body massage, with Frances Fewell and I then went on to train in Indian Head massage and Aromatherapy massage, the latter still being one of my favouite complimentary therapies.

Another therapy that I like to promote is Reiki.  This is a totally un-intrusive treatment, there is no removal of clothing unlike massage. The client relaxes on the couch and the therapist ‘lays hands’ on the areas of the chakras.  I have treated many clients using this therapy and have always had amazing feed back of the treatment and how invigorated they felt. I have worked in a rehab center and have offered this treatment to the clients there, all of whom are coming down from drink and drug usage.  Some may have self harmed and so would not want to disrobe in front of anyone. This treatment allows them to have a therapy session and yet still feel safe and ‘in control’ of things. Again, the feedback was always positive with them feeling up lifted and relaxed. Many also commented about how well they slept, better than they had for ages!

Two off the other therapies that I favour are Warm bamboo and lava shell massage.  The heat the client recieves from the bamboo and shells really help the muscles to relax and become open to treatment.  The warmth also aids blood circulation.

This is not to say that the other therapies I practice are any less worth trying.  I do feel that you should try to have some sort of therapy, at least once a month, if monies allow.  Think of all the expensive coffees and the like you may have over a month, that money could be used on a total hour or less if you wanted, of you time, pampered and cosseted in comfort, allowing the stress and anxieties to be massaged  away!

If you are unsure of a particular treatment. whether you would like it or not, do you want to pay out for something you really don’t like, I do hold regular monthly ‘Pamper Days’, where the cost of the therapy is reduced just so clients can try out a different treatment and not have to worry about not enjoying it.

I also teach most of the therapies that I practice.  I am very passionate about teaching, as I do love and enjoy the use of alternative complimentary practices.  I feel they should be part of everyday living.

Thank you for taking time to read my blog.