Bach Flower Remedies

Bach flower remedies, Dr Bach discovered that certain flowers and plants stimulated the body’s natural healing systems and helped to stabilize emotional problems. Whereas Homeopathic remedies stimulate a polar opposite response in the subtle energies, Flower Essences do the reverse and “pull” the subtle energies into the direction of healing.

Dr. Bach found a way to harness the healing energy contained within certain plants and trees,. He explained how flower essences work: “All living things possess life force energy. In the East this is sometimes called chi or prana. It is a subtle type of life-giving energy. Some plants and trees carry a particular type of life force energy which can have a healing effect on the body and mind. Flower essences capture and hold this healing life force energy until it is needed.” To help treat an illness, the appropriate flower remedy is prescribed by considering mental and emotional symptoms, rather than physical ones.

Flower remedies are carefully prepared diluted essences of plants and flowers that work on what’s known as the subtle energy body as well as on the emotional body. This means they work with the body on an energetic and emotional level rather than a directly physical level. Dr. Bach  developed the first system of flower remedies, called the Bach Flower Remedies. He believed that physical problems were manifestations of emotional problems, and that if the emotional problems could be healed, that the physical problems would also be healed.

Bach Flower Remedies are helpful in treating:

Fears (known and unknown)

Irritability or Impatience

Fear of “losing it”

Repeating mistakes

Controlling/Possessive behavior

Poor self/body image





Trauma or Shock

Anger or Hate


High strung/over excitement

Domineering/bullying behavior

Mental chatter or repetitive thoughts

Resentment or Bitterness



Emotional eating


Adjustment/Protection during life changes (marriage, pregnancy, relocation, divorce, loss of loved one, menopause)

After consultation is taken a blend is made bespoke to the client.