Baby Massage tutor

Learn to massage your baby over a four week period in a calm and relaxed setting.

Baby massage  can encourage your baby’s social, physical and emotional development. Your baby will get to enjoy eye contact with you, breathing in your familiar scent, listening to your voice, and the touch of your hands as you massage their body.

Newborns do not yet have the motor skills or muscler development to fully explore their bodies and so baby massage allows the them to learn more about their body in a safe and relaxing environment.

It can help baby to develop coordination and increases awareness of their own body. The massage can help to stimulate their nervous system, immune system and respiratory system.

Massaging your baby is a wonderful way to strengthen your bond with each other. Baby massage release oxytocin in both baby and parent. Oxytocin is the hormone that gives you that loving feeling. Massaging your baby allows you to focus on your them totally and your baby will get the time to totally focus on you. There won’t be anything else getting in the way to stop you both from bonding and relaxing together.

Massaging them can help baby to relax, and this can be a great way to de-stress both of you after a busy day. Babies can easily become overstimulated throughout the day, so a massage before bed can help them to unwind.

Massaging baby can also be used to soothe other ailments too. If your baby is suffering from constipation, you may find a couple of baby massage moves useful for aiding your baby’s digestive system. Other moves can be used to help clear blocked sinuses and a noses.

Babies born preterm can benefit greatly from massage. Using baby massage for these babies has been linked with weight gain and shorter time spent in hospital.

Your baby will enjoy being close to you as you massage their body. You will find that eye contact, gentle touch and quiet speech helps your baby to feel relaxed. If your baby is overstimulated, baby massage is a great way to help them to calm. The room should be quiet, dim lighting, will help them to relax and you will probably find yourself relaxing too.

As a new parent you are bound to feel a little stress. If you feel this way, massaging baby may help you to find your calm again.

Massaging baby can help them get a better night’s sleep. Massaging  before bed time can help them to relax into a deep sleep and they may sleep for longer periods than usual. Recent research has discovered that babies who were massaged were not only likely to sleep better, they also cried less and had lower levels of stress hormones compared to other babies who were not massaged. Massaging baby could be part of the bedtime routine. Try to get baby to bed at the same time each evening. A low light and gentle soothing music in their room while you massage them before bedtime should help baby relax before they go to sleep. the more often you do this as part of the bedtime routine they will learn that time to sleep follows the massage.

Massaging your baby can improve the parents confidence. As well as strengthening the bond between parent and baby, it encourages communication. As your baby responds using eye contact, smiling at you, ‘talking’ and touch, parents are free to feel confident about their parenting skills. As you spend more time touching and engaging with your baby using massage, you will become more aware of their baby’s body language.

Letting Dad massage baby can aid their bonding with their child. Massaging baby can be a special daddy-baby bonding time each day. Your baby will enjoy looking at you, breathing in your familiar smell, listening to your quiet voice and the feel of your touch. A recent study found that baby massage can decrease the amount of stress in new fathers too. Dads who perform massage on their babies are more likely to be greeted with smiles and eye contact and so a greated bond is made.