Aromatherapy is the ancient art of using natural plant oils for healing, cleansing, and relaxation. The art of aromatherapy is used to restore harmony to the body and mind. Oil’s and essences are extracted from plants, flowers and resins, and are applied using massage or by using an oil burner, whereby the client inhales the aromas, and hot water or by bathing in a blend as prescribed by a qualified aromatherapist.

Benefits And Effects:

Aromatherapy treatments can have both physiological and psychological effects. The combination of massage and the medicinal and therapeutic qualities of the essential oils  can soothe, relax, ease stress, revitalise, lift the spirit, encourage positive thinking and boost the immune system thus enabling the body to heal itself.

Physiological Benefits – Aromatherapy massage can:

Enhance lymphatic drainage – this helps to reduce fluid retention and prevent oedema

Induce a feeling of deep relaxation in the body

Help to restore balance in the body

Stimulate the body’s natural immune system

Increase the oxygen and nutrient supply to the tissues by increasing the blood circulation

Help to increase energy levels as blockages and congestion in the nerves are eased

Psychological Benefits – Aromatherapy massage can:
Promote a general state of well-being
Calm and soothe the mind
Help to reduce nervous tension
Help to lift the mood and reduce feelings of depression and stress

The oils are blended to the clients individual needs after a full consultation.

Once  information is gathered from your consultation I will select and blend essential oils that I feel meet your individual need.

aromatherpay oil

The aromatherapy blend will be added to a ‘carrier oil’ and this will be used for your aromatherapy massage.

During the aromatherapy massage, much of the essential oils are inhaled and absorbed through the mouth and nose stimulating the production of relaxing, sedative euphoric or sedative neuro-chemicals, providing beneficial mental and emotional effects.